Our vision is for people with a learning disability and difficulties to be an equal part of the community, where they are accepted, respected and valued. Our staff are passionate about enabling people to lead fulfilling lives and achieve their aspirations.



To inspire and empower people with learning disabilities and difficulties to identify aspirations, fulfil their potential and to lead safe, healthy and well-connected lives.

Our Values

Person centred:


We put the people we support at the centre of everything we do.

We do this by:

  • Ensuring all our actions centre on the individual
  • Working together in the planning, development and monitoring of services and care that we provide
  • Using feedback and evaluation to inform future strategy and services


We include the people we support, parents and carers, our staff, the communities we work in and our partners.

We do this by:

  • Maintaining a truly inclusive culture
  • Ensuring that our services are accessible
  • Involving and consulting with our service users, parents and carers, staff, communities and partners.



We empower individuals to meet their needs and fulfil their aspirations.

We do this by:

  • Providing key information and services
  • Listening and supporting our service users to make informed decisions about their own lives
  • Creating opportunities for progression 


We deliver quality outcomes for the people we support and the partners we work with.

We do this by:

  • Focusing on continuous improvement by learning from and sharing experiences and best practise
  • Meeting rigorous quality standards and achieving measurable outcomes in our service
  • Innovating to meet the needs of our service users

Our Objectives

To identify, maintain and grow a range of innovative, inclusive, person centred services which reflect the aspirations and needs of people with learning disabilities and difficulties and improve their health, wellbeing, social inclusion and life skills.

To reach out to more people with learning disabilities and difficulties, whilst achieving outstanding levels of support and service user satisfaction.

To maintain efficient and effective procedures in all areas of the charity to ensure compliance, best practice, sustainability and growth.

To develop proactive and meaningful partnerships with private, public and voluntary sector organisations, who share our ethos and support the national and local learning disability board strategies.

To generate sufficient income to support and expand Revive Social Care’s existing core activities, develop new initiatives and secure it’s long term, sustainable future; always demonstrating value for money.

To raise the profile of Revive Social Care and communicate effectively with all stakeholders, to secure tangible benefits for the organisation.

To remain a great place to work by nurturing a culture of high performance and positivity.

Families and other Partnerships

We are committed to working together

Supporting people so they can have the best life possible means working in partnership; not only with them and their family and friends, but also with local authority staff, health professionals, volunteers and other support providers, welcoming and valuing what everyone contributes. This takes skills, experience and time. At Revive Social Care we build the kind of supporting relationships that can change someone’s life.


We empower people to make their own choices

At Revive Social Care we make sure the people we support are as aware as they can be about the range of options available to them. When people make choices about what’s right for them, they feel more in control – even if others might disagree with their choices. Our staff understand the importance of balancing the right of those we support to make their own decisions with the responsibility we have to keep them safe.

Creative Solutions

We strive to do things differently

Life with a learning disability has too often been about what people can’t do, rather than what they can; about limiting risks, rather than experiencing freedom. At Revive Social Care we think openly and imaginatively to find new ways of enhancing the lives of the people we support. By pushing boundaries and challenging assumptions, we help people to live the best life possible.

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